Ibiza is one of the paradize islands. Visit it once you will fall in love with these golden-sand beaches and sky-blue waters forever. Find out how you can spend time except sunbathing and partying.

Ibiza is an island situated in the Mediterranean Sea; it is the third largest one of Balearic Islands. Ibiza nightlife is what attracts visitors from all over the world. Thanks to its crazy atmosphere and endless nights, Ibiza became one of the top destinations for party animals. The capital of fun however has much more to offer than just partying. 

Top 10 Things to Do on Ibiza

  1. Watch the sunset on the west coast
    Ibiza is also famous for its fascinating sunset. The best way to experience it is to sit on the Benirras beach, to sip cocktails and to listen to the drummers.
  2. Make a day trip to Formentera
    Make a day trip to Formentera Island to enjoy its beauty and to relax from the hustle of Ibiza. It is also famous for its golden sands and picturesque beaches. It's sure one of top 10 beaches of Spain.
  3. Rent a yacht
    There are some islands near Ibiza as well so the good idea is to rent a yacht to explore them.
  4. Visit the Dalt Vila
    Dalt Vila is the historic part of the town. For a spectacular view over Ibiza Town climb up the summit to enjoy the town’s harbor and the Formentera Island.
  5. Visit the Salinas salt pans
    Ibiza salt pans are its main industry. Nowadays around 50 000 tonnes of salt is exported each year. The Ibiza salt pans occupy more than 1,000 acres of land.
  6. Visit the Hippy Markets
    A trip to Ibiza is not complete without visiting Hippy Markets with huge variety clothes, moccasins, batik wraps and jewelry.
  7. Arrange a picnic looking at Es Vedra
    Es Vedra is a semi-submerged volcano. It raises 378 meters above sea level. The best spot for observing it is from a cliff top overlooking the beach of Cala d’Hort. 
  8. Ibiza restaurants
    In terms of food Ibiza is a dream place for seafood lovers. It also caters for all tastes as you may find Chinese and Indian cuisines as well. A typical product of Ibiza cuisine is floans. It is a type of sweet pastry of different shape. 
  9. Watersports
    The temperature of the water ranges from 18º C to 26ºC what makes Ibiza the ideal place for watersports. There all facilities for sailing, waterskiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and parasailing.  
  10. Diving
    The Island is a paradise for divers both amateurs and professionals. Even if you’ve never tried diving Ibiza is a perfect spot.

Famous Vengaboys song 'We're Going to Ibiza' reflects the Ibiza’s lifestyle. Besides “More” a lot of other movies were filmed there. “Ibiza Bar” is a famous soundtrack to the movie performed by the legendary Pink Floyd.

The Island is one of top 10 attractions and without doubt  it's one of the best spanish islands. Ibiza is truly an ideal spot for the vacation that can satisfy even the most picksome travelleres’ taste. That is truly an ideal spot for the vacation that can satisfy even the most picksome travelleres’ taste.

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