Mallorca - just looking at all the beauty of the island you can see how rich nature can be. Explore all this beauty by yourselves.

A popular holiday destination – Mallorca island belongs to the large and well-known Balearic Islands and is among top 10 beaches in Spain. With Mediterranean climate and hot summers the island is a true paradise for tourists. It offers lots of opportunities for both active and passive ways of spending your vacation. You may either lay on the beach sunbathing in the gentle rays of Sun of Mallorca island or you can try any kinds of watersports you always wanted to try or explore the caves nearby. It all depends on you as the island has it all.

The most loved place on the island however is Palma de Mallorca. Being the capital of well-known Balearic Islands, one of Spanish islands, Palma de Mallorca is known to be a picturesque city. For those desiring to visit this city and to enjoy it at its best the good advice will be to approach it from the sea. Only in such a way you will be able to fully admire its beauty. The first object you'll see while approaching will be a Bellver castle as it sits on the hill. This famous castle was built in the 14 the century and became known thanks to its uniqueness as the first circle castle in Europe. Nowadays it houses a history museum.

As soon as you arrive you'll probably have the feeling that you are in a usual modern city but with stunning beaches. But it's undoubtedly that a bit later you'll feel its historical spirit as the city has a long history with its own myths and legends. After all that you'll be able to realize why Palma de Mallorca is a favorite summer vacation place for crowds of tourists.

What to Do on Mallorca

There is no doubt why the city is so popular; it offers so many attractions to the visitors. For example such famous beach resorts as Ca'n Pastilla, El Arenal and Cala Estancia are the perfect places for entertainment. They offer everything for the comfort of the travelers.

Especially in summer months Palma de Mallorca becomes a great spot for partying and a destination for party animals. It also hosts lots of festivals.

Nit de Foc

Nit de Foc is the most popular one in Palma de Mallorca. It is marked by bonfires and fireworks.

Copa del Rey

This festival is the real beauty of yachting regatta and is worth observing.

If you're going on a holiday with children, the best place to take them to will be Marineland. It is a huge zoo with lots of different animals including penguins, flamingos and even sharks. It's a place where you can spend almost all day as there are a lot of shows to catch as well. When you get tired of animals, go to Calvias Costa d'en Blanes beach nearby.

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