Andalusia Castles

Spanish history has left us numerous places that remind magical times that happened hundreds of years ago. Times of noble knights and cruel warriors are best described in powerful castles that are spread throughout the country. To see them all you need to turn your wheel towards Andalusia. This autonomous province has numerous fascinating castles that managed to stay till our days.


To start your journey you have to know that Andalusia was under Arabic rule for more than 800 years. Obviously it left an impact on its culture, lifestyle and architecture. One of the first castles to be visited is “Alhambra” (Red Castle) – a Mauritanian architectural treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alhambra is a complex of various constructions that include a large palace, towers, gardens, mosques and even a cemetery. All sites are perfectly combined together so when you visit Alhambra you feel as if you got to a real Arabic fairy-tale. Each building in Alhambra is delicately decorated with beautiful ornaments and precious gems. It is interesting that water play important role in the architectural picture. Fountains and lakes make exquisite tricks of light as if the whole place was covered with gems.

Realez Alcazares de Sevilla

The first palace in the complex was built by Almahad Dynasty back in 1164 with all the luxury of Mauritians. The place was further decorated with Gothic elements, which made it an absolute architectural masterpiece. A contrast of styles made Alcazar an official royal residence for more than 700 years and even now Spanish kings prefer Alcazar as their major residence in Seville. The place was also mentioned by UNESCO World Heritage organization in 1987, which made it one of the most visited places in Andalusia. Salon de Embajadores (Ambassador’s room) and Patio de Los Doncellas (Ladies’ Patio) are the best examples of the Alcazar luxury and style, which is nicely combined with fragrant gardens of roses and orange trees.

Alcazaba de Malaga

Alcazaba de Malaga was a main fortification of Mauritians. The place was aimed to protect Malaga (a town in southern part of Spain).  The main part of the castle was built in XI century and further added in XVII century. Powerful walls of Alcazaba de Malaga are combined with ruins of Roman theater of II century, which is now under reconstruction. The castle was constructed on the top of the hill, for better protection, which is presently used as a great view point.

Castillo de Gibralfaro

One more castle that is worth visiting in Andalusia is called Castillo de Gibralfaro. It is also placed on the top of the hill and has pretty much same style as Alcazaba de Malaga. But there is a significant difference in preservation of the castle as it looks as it was built couple of years ago. The castle also has a wonderful collection of clothes that belonged to warriors soldiers who used to serve there during different epochs.

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