Cost of Living in Spain

Spain is a dream country for many foreigners for relocation. The cost of living can vary drastically, depending on the location and lifestyle.

Living in Spain can be an improbable experience, and you will find that the cost of living here is very reasonable as the economy ranks among the top 10 in the world.

It is also one of the most multifarious as there are many foreign investors in Spain. The economy started to boom because the tourism sector has increased in the past couple of years. Spain is located in the Iberian Peninsula and borders with the Mediterranean Sea.

Relocating to Spain, you will meet friendly people, relaxed environment, amazing cuisine and sparkling festivals. In fact, Spain is probably more expensive than UK. On the other hand, it depends on location where you prefer to live. Probably Madrid, Barcelona and Pamplona has the highest rate for living. 

Country Full Name: Kingdom of Spain. 

Language: Spanish is one of the widest-spoken languages over the world.

Major Religions: Christianity.

Cost Of Living: The cost of living in Spain is high compared to other European countries.

The prices are different and depend on your lifestyle. Comparing with UK, food is much cheaper. In general, the total cost of food is 500 euro per month. Cooking and eating at home is definitely cheaper.

Food Costs

A lunch at restaurant per one person is at least 20 euro, as to alcohol and cigarettes the prices are quite expensive. 

Clothing Costs 

Shopping is definitely affordable in Spain. In fact, prices are cheap and even cheaper that what you expected. This is a perfect place for shopping, a lot shopping malls, department stores sell products with good quality and brand. Your budget should  be around 2500 euro per month, while you are making shopping in Spain.

Concerning electronics appliances and cars, which are imported from Japan,  the prices can soar depending on demand and popularity. Barcelona is still the best place to go for shopping for fashionable items. The latest trends in terms of style can be found there since Spanish designers aim to compete with the best ones in the world.

Property in Spain

Although you can look at renting if you decide to live in Spain, there are some reasonable deals available on properties. The property market in Spain has been affected by inflation that’s why the prices are less and more attractive than in Europe. The prices are competitive concerning properties in Spain. 

However, the southern coasts of Spain are the most expensive in Europe due to the fast-growing economy which mainly relies on foreign investments. 

On average, the cost for renting  good apartment is  350-500 euro in cheap residence, while in the south of Spain the price can be from 1000 till 3000 euro per month, it depends on location, where you prefer to  live. 

Transport Costs

Transport in Spain is fully systematized and convenient. On the average, people spend   8 euros daily for fare and transport. Buses and taxi are available in all parts of the city. Also, some prefer private vehicles to travel.

Communication Costs

Internet makes the Spaniards closer, available almost everywhere. There are a number of companies providing fast and reliable network. Internet connection costs less than 10 euros every month. As regards, communication provider, Movistar is considered the cheapest one. 

Education Costs

In general the prices for higher education are very low compared to other places for items such as high school, primary school fees, and college’s fees. 

Healthcare Costs

When it comes to healthcare, Spain is the best place. You will find here a lot of well-qualified doctors and professional equipment. Public hospitals are sponsored by government that’s why the healthcare cost is low. Once, you visit a doctor without insurance, you need to pay at least 50 euro and up.

With the medical insurance healthcare will be much cheaper, the total expenses per month cost you 300 euro, undoubtedly reasonable price.

Housekeeping Services

In Spain, maid services are well known as housekeeping services. On average, the cost is at 60 euro per day in Spain. As regards, full time service costs 750 Euro per month. It includes cleaning, cooking, laundry as well as babysitting. Maid service is very comfortable for Spanish families.

Monthly Utilities Costs

Monthly utilities will cost you at least 300 euro per months, including electricity bill, gas, telephone bill as well Internet fee. 

To make a conclusion, Spain is a wonderful destination with something for everyone, and whether you are moving to this country on your own or with your family you will find that this is an amazing place to live in. While you move to Spain, you will find it easy to settle in and enjoy the colorful culture, and the rich history of this country as well.

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