Flamenco is a pure passion. Dance and feel it in full. Find where to do it for free. 

Flamenco is truly a Spanish art which exists in the forms of music, dancing and guitar playing. 

Origin of Flamenco

The discussion of Flamenco origin usually brings to disputes, but it is known that it wasn’t used until the 18th century. Even though the details of how Flamenco was originated are not certain, it is claimed to have appeared in Andalusia when Spain was under the influence of Arabic culture. 

Forms of Flamenco

Nowadays it became the inseparable part of Spain and the mix of its all three forms: music, dancing and guitar playing. It is an extremely technical dance. Many years of studying and practicing are required to finally learn it properly. All the difficulty is in steps and fast footwork. In addition to that dancers usually use castanets. In fact they were not the original part of the dance; they were added much later to enhance the snapping for the rhythmical accompaniment to the dance.

Castanets however were originated in Egypt. Even the Egyptian frescos dating back to the VI century BC depict women dancing with castanets in their hands. It is possible to make five different sounds. With their help many very beautiful sounds may be achieved but only under the condition that you know how to use them. The key is to feel the rhythm. 

The other very important aspect of the dance is to tap the rhythm with the heels. At first it was only done by men because it requires a lot of strength and it had always been associated with masculinity. But nowadays there is no much difference between dances of men and women only the femininity of moves distinguishes women from men.

This pretty difficult dance is a great show partially because of the costumes that dancers wear. Women usually wear long bright-colored dresses or skirts while men are in black pants and white shirts. 

Andalucia and Flamenco

For those who visit Spain and especially Andalucia to see a Flamenco performance is a must. Andalucia is a place where dancing, castanets, music and passion are a part of everyday life. There are a lot of souvenirs associated with Flamenco that tourists love to bring home. In Andalucia there is even a Centre of Flamenco, it tries to investigate and recover documents related to history of Flamenco and its origin. The library and the museum of Flamenco may be found there. 

Though Andalucia is a place where Flamenco was originated, Madrid is the capital of the dance. It offers a lot of ways to experience Flamenco. You can enjoy the flamenco performance in theatres, bars and tablaos.


You seat at a table, eat and drink and enjoy the show. This option is a great introduction to Flamenco but it will cost you pretty much.


In bars you may enjoy not only planned performances, but also catch improvised once. 


There are many good theatres to enjoy the performance.

Whatever option you choose a good evening is guaranteed. Loaded with expressiveness and passion the atmosphere of the dance will not leave you indifferent.

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