Horseback Riding Vacations in Spain

If you explored Spain on the bus or car or on even foot, jump on a horseback and you'll never forget the ride. Chose the best horseback riding vacation for you.

Culture & Beaches of Catalonia

This trip is for intermediate riders between the ages of 15 and 65 years.  The duration of the tour is 8 days and 7 nights.  You ride about 5 hours per day and on good terrain you will cover 18 – 22 miles per day.  The terrain can vary from day to day so some days you may spend more time riding, but you won’t ride that many miles.

Overview of Itinerary

On the first day you will be driven to the Can Muni, which is located in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. There you receive information on the tour, and the Andalusian trail horses you will be riding. The second day you will ride through the Baix Empordà Pine Forests and arrive in Sant Pere Pescador. The third day you will ride 1 km from your hotel to the beach for a day of riding on beautiful golden sand beaches. You will ride back to the Can Muni area for another delicious dinner and night in another quality hotel. On the fourth day you will ride through the Baix Empordà again passing through small town and riding by castles, churches, arches, and tunnels where you admire the stonework of the past.

You arrive in the  Pals region and enjoy a nice dinner and sleep at a hotel on the beach. On day 5 you enjoy another day of canters and gallops along the beaches through the natural spaces of La Gola del Ter, La Platera or El Ter Vell. You arrive in Peratallada a medieval village for a good night’s sleep. Day 6 will be another day of long canters and gallops passing through through woods, over rolling hills and along bridleways.

We end the day in Madremanya.  For day 7 we ride through a mosaic of countryside including fields of crops, and Mediterranean woods.  We ride back to Can Muni and prepare for departure on day 8.
For much more information and a more detailed itinerary click here Culture and Beaches of Catalonia.

Island Monasteries and History Ride

This trip is for low intermediate riders between the ages of 15 and 65 years.  The duration of the tour is 8 days and 7 nights.  You ride up to 7 hours per day, and the terrain varies from flat open terrain to steep ascents to access the monasteries.  All accommodations are indoors at bed and breakfast style Inns, and your food and supplies are transported for you in a support vehicle.

Overview of Itinerary

Days 1 is spent transporting riders to the estate, and getting familiar with your horse and the stables.  In the morning of day 2 you will be able to practice in the fence enclosed arena in the morning and will take a short trail ride in the afternoon. On day 3 we leave from Son Vaquer and ride over the flat plains until we reach Son Vaquer.

After passing thru the town we start our climb into the pine covered mountains until we arrive at the Bonany Santuery which dates back to 1606 AD, where we meet the supply vehicle and beak for lunch. Afetr lunch we explore the monastery and then descend through narrow, forested trails back to Son Vaquer. On day 4 we depart Son Vaquer and ride thru sand dunes and pine forests until we reach Betlem´s Hermitage (founded in 1805).

After exploring the monastery we ride to the beach for a relaxing swim and then return to the starting point.  On day 5 we depart from the antique “Es Pagos” farm which dates back to the year 1664. We ride thru the plains until we reach a wooded area and the town of Porreras.  From there we begin our ascent to the Montission, which was buily in 1339 AD. After enjoying a late morning brunch we explore the monastery and then begin our descent back to Porreras using a different route from the ascent.  Then we ride back over the plains to the “Es Pagos” farm.

On day 6 we leave from a farm in Algaida and travel over a field to Castellitx de la Pau a farm that dates back to the 13th century.  After riding over some flatlands we begin our ascent up the hills of Randa and arrive at the Sanctuary of Nuestra señora de Gracia. After exploring the sanctuary we travel a few minutes higher up the hills until we reach the Sanctuary of Sant Honorat.

After we explore here for a while we continue our ride to the top of the hill and at 500 meters (1,640 ft.) we reach the Sanctuary of Nuestra señora de Cura, founded in 1275 AD. The monastery is still inhabited by monks who keep the buildings and grounds in excellent condition. After exploring the monastery we descend down the hills using forested trails that twist and turn their way down the mountain. When we arrive back at Algaida we meet the tour bus and drive 25 minutes back to Son Vaquer.

On day 8 we ride 4 hours up 500 meters (1,640 ft.) to the Monastery of San Salvador built in 1348 AD.  After we explore the monastery we descend back to the town to prepare for our departure back to the airport after breakfast on day 8.
For a much more descriptive itinerary and information about this ride you can click here Island Monasteries and History Ride.  This link will also give you links to other trail rides in Spain not covered in this article.

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