How To Get Around in Spain

Availability and accessibility of transportation is not a problem in Spain – it has a well-connected network in land, air and sea that anyone can travel to any point within the country whenever they choose.

By Plane

Spain has 74 domestic and international airports that can be found in almost every capital city. There are four airlines that offer flights around the country: Iberia is the national carrier flying to 38 destinations in Spain, AVIACO, Air Europa, SpanAir and Air Nostrum. With the advent of low-cost airlines in and around Europe, other airline services are also getting in on the action and flying to several routes in Spain. Generally however, flying within Spain is still relatively inexpensive compared to other countries in Europe and sometimes faster than buses.

By Train

No doubt, travelling by train is still the most inexpensive and fastest option. But before you decide to take this mode, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the network of rail lines in Spain. RENFE is the national railway system of Spain with three types of services: the Cercanias are local intercity trains, Media Distancia are for cities and towns that are longer in distances and the Largo recorrido for trips from one region to another (and where advance booking is typically required). There is also the high-speed rail line operated by RENFE called the AVE which usually service routes of major cities like Madrid. If you are planning to stay in Spain for some time and travel around, it is practical to get the Eurail Spain Pass which will give you access to unlimited rail travel in Spain.

By Bus

For short distances and also if you need to travel to a rural town that is not accessible by plane or by train then the bus is certainly the way to go. There are a number of bus operators in Spain and here are some of them: ALSA, Auto Res, Bilman Bus, Daibus, Eurolines, Guaguas, Metropolitan Buses, Caceres, Malaga and Santander. You can check the website of any one of the bus operators to find out schedules, fares and other information regarding your planned trip, or just to compare services.

By Car

Indeed, traveling around Spain by driving has its advantages – you can choose the scenic route and enjoy the beauty as you coast along the roads plus you can be flexible in terms of time and where you choose to go.

Spain also has a number of car rental companies that you can choose from and it always pays to do some research on the Internet before setting out on that road trip. Some major ones that you can check out are the following: Europcar, Avis, Car jet, Auto Europe, Easy car and Rentspain.

You would need your passport and a valid driver’s license to get a car. It would also be good to check out driving conditions and the rules in the different regions. Take note as well that if you are planning to go around Madrid or Barcelona in a car you might find it extremely difficult – both of these cities are highly congested and you might be better off taking the bus or the train.

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