Pamplona is a city in Navarra. It became word-famous thanks to one of top 5 festivals of “The Running with the Bulls” known as San Fermin which owns its popularity to a great American writer Ernest Hemingway. He visited Pamplona for the first time in 1923 and in his book "the Sun Also Rises" he made Pamplona the central place of events. Besides that, Pamplona is also known for being the most environmentally friendly city in the country. It has a lot to offer to its visitors: beautiful parks and rivers, Roman mosaics and buildings, wine tours and many more. 

Getting in

By plane

Pamplona has a small local airport while nearby there are Biarritz, Zaragoza and Bilbao international airports

By Train

By train from and to Asturias, Galicia, Vitoria, Barcelona and Madrid

By Bus

Bus is the cheapest way to get to Pamplona. There are buses from Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid, Vitoria and San Sebastian.

By Car

Hire a car and drive from Bilbao – 1,5 hours, Biarritz – 1,5 hours, Barcelona – 4 hours, Madrid – 4 hours

The majority of tourists that come to Pamplona usually do it with the main aim to take part in the festival of San Fermin. You may either take part in running with the bulls or enjoy it from aside, but no matter which option you choose you will be absolutely impressed. During the week of the festival, “The Running With the Bulls” is held every morning in 8 am. Hundreds of young men dressed in white shirts run ahead of the bulls.

The route lies from Santo Domingo through the narrow streets of old town to the bullring where all fights are held in the afternoon. The run lasts for about three minutes and the whole route is 825 meters long. Everyone may take part in the Bull Run. The best place to watch is from the balcony with a good view on the race or in front of the museum of Santa Domingo. During the whole week Pamplona enjoys drinking, singing and dancing. Fiesta is felt in every corner of the city. But at midnight the mayor of the city pronounces the end of the festival and the party is over, but only until the next year.

Places to See

Among Pamplona’s main attractions are Plaza de Toros, parks along the river, Pamplona’s gothic cathedral and the citadel.

Plaza de Toros is a bullring which hosted some of the most important bullfights in the history of the country. During San Fermin all the bullfights are held here.  

The Citadel and Pamplona’s gothic cathedral are the bright examples of how a mediaeval city is able to preserve its integrity and traditions despite of the modern urbanization. 

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