Santiago Bernabeo Stadium


It is almost impossible to tell about Santiago Bernabeo stadium without mentioning some historical moments of the grand football club – Real Madrid. Both of their histories are very connected. 

Real Madrid Club Opening

Official club Real Madrid was formed in 1902. Back in those days the club had no stadium at all, all they could do, is to rent several places like Plaza de Toroz which is doubtfully a stadium but a large paying ground. 

Real Madrid had to change several stadiums that included cycling ground, El campo de Chamartin and many others that royal club had to rent. 

September 15, 1943 is a tremendous historical moment for the team as Santiago Bernabeo became a president of the club. Santiago spent all his life in Real. Firstly he was a player, then a captain, a coach, a director and then a president. He was a great patriot of his club. Bernabeo had almost unrealistic future plans for the club. He wanted to make it the greatest football club in the world. He was the first to create a so-called football regulation model, where each of the stuff had to be responsible for his own sphere. 

As Real Madrid was growing its popularity it needed a bigger stadium than Chamartin. Though, it took several years and a great sum of borrowed money, Santiago Bernabeo managed to construct the stadium of his dreams. 

Santiago Bernabeo Stadium Opening

The stadium was tremendously opened in 1947; it was firstly called “Nuevo Chamartin”. The first game was played between Real and Belenensh, and as it should have been, Real Madrid won 3:0. The new stadium could place about 70 000 people, counting that 48 000 were standing seats and only 25 were for sitting. 

When the club won Spanish championship for the third time it got too many fans that couldn’t be placed in the Nuevo Chamartin. That is why Santiago Bernabeo and his co-workers decided to start the reconstruction of the stadium. 

Only in two years the new three-stepped stadium was ready for footballers and fans. 80 354 fans of Real and Atlaetico could watch their professional game on one of the largest stadiums in the world. The only problem was how to rename the stadium and the Spanish football committee unanimously decided to name it after the most famous Spanish coach and football president- Santiago Bernabeo.

Santiago Bernabeo Today

Today, every match on the stadium is accompanied by 3 000 of workers. It has all modern computer equipment which is aimed to control an order during matches. 

Santiago Bernabeo stadium has amazing museum that holds all original toffees and copies of the royal club, a restaurant, a fan shop. 

Moreover, the stadium provides several excursions that cost about 20 euros. This tour allows you to explore all of the territory without any police, learn more about the history of the club and go to the holy of holies- changing room and planning room of one of the most powerful football clubs in the world. 

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