Spanish Fashion


Spanish fashion is known to stand out from the rest of European countries. Even if you are not a fashion fan, you probably saw pictures of young people stylishly dressed in the streets of Spain especially in Barcelona. If your aim is to blend in with locals and not to be an obvious tourist here are the tips how to achieve it.

Spanish people care about their appearance and image. They love designer clothes but fitting is the most important to them. In Spain it is not hard to find good quality clothes for a reasonable price that’s why tourists enjoy shopping here. Even though Barcelona is bohemian and cosmopolitan city there are still some dos and don’ts for you to know. 

The first rule is to respect the religion because the church is an important part of the life in Spain. So when entering the church avoid wearing shorts as it will be considered impolite. In fact they can be worn only on the beach otherwise it will label you a tourist at once. Miniskirts are not appreciated as well, it is not a crime of course but you may get disapproving looks from the older people. They love long light skirts here as well as the loose-fitting trousers. Besides the fact that it looks good it will also protect you from the sun. 

Bumbag is also not a very good idea even though it is comfortable and useful but it is also an immediate sign that you are a tourist because Spaniards do not normally wear them. 

Spanish people normally choose fitted styled clothes as they look more sophisticated. They prefer burgundy, yellow, green or mute colors. The most important however is not the color but how it fits you. 

Among the most popular items of clothing is of course denim, it is worn throughout the year. The shoes are the most significant part of your image as they can let down the whole outfit.

If you are on a business trip you of course will  have to bring business suits with you. Even if it’s extremely hot you will still have to wear jacket and tie, women wear either skirts or dresses. 

All the casual items of clothing like flip flops, vests and shorts usually say that you are a tourist. But you should not be worried much about that unless you really want to look like a local, because Spain is a multi-cultural city. You will find here conservative dresses, bright hippies and denim teenagers. 

We hope that Spanish dress code will help you feel more comfortably during your visit to Spain. And after exploring the main tourist attractions you can always drop by shops in Spain for a new outfit. 

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