Spanish Traditions


Spain creates an impression of very friendly and warm country where fiestas never stop. Spaniards seem to be real masters in gathering crowds of people in the streets on almost any occasion.  They are famous for their huge and sometimes strange festivals as well as bullfighting, flamenco, beautiful islands with top beaches and great vacation spots .  

San Fermin Festival

Among the famous top 5 festivals in Spain are San Fermin festival. It is known all over the world as the one that caused many controversies. Everyone can take part in the festival‘s main part – running with the bulls which is usually held early in the morning. For those willing to watch this traditional event it is advisable to stand behind the fence.  During the festival bullfights are held daily and the tickets are usually sold out well in advance.

Despite the fact that bullfighting is a very controversial and disputable topic it is an inevitable part of Spanish culture and traditions. There are a lot of protests in the country against the cruelty to bulls but it hasn’t changed anything and bullfights are held as usual still attracting millions of people.  


Another festival which also attracts a lot of attention as one of the strangest festivals is Tomatina during which people throw ripe tomatoes in each other. The origin of this festival is not clear but it has been popular for many years and still attracts both tourists and citizens. 


The other famous Spanish tradition is Flamenco. It has become one of the well-known dances and is strongly associated with Spain and its music. The majority of people still think that Flamenco is just a dance but in fact it is a combination of different art forms such as guitar playing, singing and dancing. Traditionally the capital of Flamenco is Madrid. Here you may enjoy Flamenco in all its forms.

Spanish Family

Speaking about Spanish people it is necessary to mention that they are all really extremely talkative. They seem to never stop doing it. The more you get to know the person the more talkative he or she becomes. The favorite topic of the Spanish people is family. When meeting one of your friends don’t forget to ask about his or her health as well as the family’s. It seems to be common for them to interrupt each other so don’t take it personally. It is not because the person is not interested in the topic, on the contrary it is a way of showing the huge interest. 

In Spain it is considered impolite to order big portions which you will not be able to eat, so ask the waiter if you are not sure of the size of the meal you’re ordering. Among the Spanish traditional cuisine is Gazpacho, Paella and Tortilla de potatos. Any of these and even more you can try in any restaurant in Spain.

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