Top 20 Facts About Spain

Top 20 facts that may open you Spain in a new way

  1. Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe. It occupies 85% of Iberian Peninsula’s territory. It is in fact five times bigger than the United Kingdom.
  2. The country comprises of seventeen autonomous regions.
  3. The capital city of Spain is Madrid. It is the third most populated city in Europe as well as the fourth richest one. 
  4. Madrid is the greenest capital in Europe. The city enjoys more sunny days than almost any other city in Europe.
  5. The economy of Spain is the seventh largest in the world.
  6. 94% of the citizens of Spain are Roman Catholic
  7. With more than 8 000 km of beaches Spain is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. 
  8. Since nudity is absolutely legal in Spain one will find a lot of nudist beaches  scattered through the coast.
  9. The official language of Spain is Spanish, there are however a lot of dialects. There are however independent languages spoken in autonomous republic of Spain. Among them are Gallego, Valencian and Catalan.
  10. In 2005 the same sex marriage became legal in Spain.
  11. Spain is known for its olive oil production. It produces about 45% of all olive oil in the world. 
  12. When in restaurant in Spain be aware of the fact that ordering big portions may be considered impolite if you will be unable to finish it. 
  13. Large tips are not common in Spain. But if you really liked the food and want to tip your waiter, you can leave some coins.  
  14. If you are invited to somebodies home and you want to compliment your host on delicious food, you should accept the second serving. But in this case you need to be 100% sure that you are able to finish it. 
  15. The most famous sport in Spain is soccer.
  16. The biggest privately owned stadium in the world – RFC Barcelona is located in Barcelona, Spain. It is able to fit about 100 000 people.
  17. Spanish Real Madrid is the most popular club in the world. It is supported by more than 200 million people. 
  18. The most controversial sport in Spain is bullfighting. It represents Spanish history, art and traditions. 
  19. Legendary Flamenco dance was originated in Spain. But not everyone is aware of the fact that Flamenco is not only a dance, it is a combination of music, dancing and guitar playing. Madrid is considered to be the Flamenco capital of the world.  
  20. Such outstanding people as Antoni Gaudi, Joan Miro and Salvador Dali come from Spain.
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