Top Museums in Spain

Spanish museums are bright and extravagant as everything else in the country. If you are an art-lover, a journey to Spain will be worth just to visit its exquisite museums. 

Madrid occupies 3 biggest and most famous art museums in Spain. A so-called golden triangle of art consists of Museo Del Prado, Reino Sofia art center and Thyssen- Bornemisca museum. These museums collect the biggest collection of Spanish art in the country.

Museo Del Prado

Prado museum specializes in classical Spanish, Flemish and Italian masterpieces. There are more than 1 300 paintings by Goya, Rembrandt, Velasquez, El Greco and Rafael.

Reino Sofia and Thyssen Museums

These museums are considered to be royal museums as both of them were named after the members of Spanish royal family. They are quite differnet from Prado as their collections are more about Modern art. There a more than 2 000 paintings by Exressionists, Impressionists and modern contemporary art from Europe and North America.

Salvador Dali Museum

Second most visited museum in Spain after Museo Del Prado is an extravagant house and a present theater-museum of the most famous surrealist Salvador Dali. It is situated in a little town Figueres, which is actually a birthplace of the painter. The museum is very interesting and extravagant as everything that was made by the author. It is filled with weird sculptures and paintings like a giant chicken egg, Amazon sculpture with gilded breasts and of course world-famous couch - lips. 

Pablo Picasso Museum

One more must museum is dedicated to the person that shook the world in the XX century. Pablo Picasso museum in Barcelona is surely one of the greatest museums to be visited in Spain. It hosts over 3 500 masterpieces, which is a full collection of Picasso works of his early period (1890-1916). Museum is also amazing on the inside. It consists of 5 large Catalonian gothic style palaces and beautiful gardens.

Museum of Fine Arts

Moving forward we will come to the beautiful city Valencia, which host the second largest museum of Fine Arts in the country. Museo de bellas Artes is placed in an ancient seminary school. It was built in XVII century in Baroque style. The museum hosts most precious art works of the XIV century - iconography. There is also a large collection of sculptures and paintings by Espinosa, Murillo, Goya, El Greco and Velasquez. In addition, there is an exposition of contemporary art and archeological finds.

Museo Guggenheim

One of the most modern museums in Spain is located in Bilbao. It is called Museo Guggenheim. It is one of the newest museums in the country as it was built and opened only in 1997. The museum has futurist architecture with a shining titanium roof and all possible modern architectural additions. There are 19 large galleries that are placed on 3 floors. Guggenheim collections are popular all over the world and are often exhibited in New York and Buenos Aires.

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