Top 10 Beaches in Majorca

We all know that Majorca is amongst the best holiday destinations that you could choose for a sunny getaway. The island is surrounded by magnificent beaches with golden and white sands adorned with some of the best Mediterranean backdrops to be seen! However, since Majorca is a well-known tourist place, most of the beaches are often overcrowded thereby making it difficult to find a proper spot to enjoy the sun and sea. For those aiming at a more laid back vibe during their holidays in Majorca, we have compiled 5 hidden gems that have been left unspoilt and wait for you to explore them.

Cala Figuera

This small gem is home to some of the bluest waters you will ever have the joy of seeing and diving in. Situated close to Playa Formentor, this is a hard beach to access full of rocks and requires 20-30 minutes climbing on the rocks shaped by the water to get to. Once you get there however the pain that you go through to access it becomes well deserved as its serenity provides the perfect escape from the busy tourist beaches. If you feel brave enough, pack your lunch and walking shoes and discover it for yourself. This is a place to remember long after your holidays in Majorca!

Cala Falco

If you have booked your holidays in Majorca and even more specifically close to Magaluf, all is well and great! The parties and amenities provided by the numerous resorts are great but what if you want to enjoy a beach away from all the touristy madness? The Cala Falco is exactly that. A quiet cove home to a small and serene stretch of golden sand, it is arguably the perfect place to unwind and take in the goodness of the Mediterranean. A small beach bar will provide for your needs and the pine forest around will provide adequate cover from the sun if it gets a little too much. For divers, a shipwreck about 1km away from the beach is a very nice addition to an already magnificent underwater landscape. In all a worthy beach to visit during your holidays in Majorca.

Cala Varques

Another hidden gem, Cala Varques is a beach taken straight out of a postcard. This one is relatively hard to reach as you have to walk about a mile down from the main road. However, as most people living around the area are aware of its existence and it is a small beach, it might get relatively crowded during high season. If you decide to make the effort and visit you will be well rewarded as its naturally stunning looks, clear water and golden sand will satisfy even the pickiest of travelers.

Cala Deià

Another magnificent beach, Cala Deià is a shingle beach well worth of your time during your holidays in Majorca. This is a shingle beach whose coarse sand and small pebbles are inviting for a long day under the sun. Whenever you feel like cooling off, the relatively shallow, clear blue waters are perfect for a swim or snorkeling. The two restaurants set by the beach are the best way to quench your hunger after a long day sunbathing, while providing you with a magnificent overview of the beach along with local delicacies served fresh.

Cala Llombards

Last but equally beautiful with the rest, Cala Llombards is an idyllic scenery that has to be witnessed to be believed. This beach is a quiet small gem bejeweled with crystal clear waters and white sand, perfect for enjoying a long day sunbathing and swimming or snorkeling. If you decide to visit with family, you would be well advised to do so as the shallow waters allow for small children to swim and play safely. Its position and relatively unknown status makes it a place frequented mainly by locals and people living in nearby villas so it offers plenty of options on where to leave your belongings before you jump in.

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